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A music company run by artists.

We empower artists through creative partnerships. 
Our pillars are collaboration, transparency & respect. 
We foster innovation, creativity & success for our artists.


Build Records |  Distribute Music |  Manage Artists | Market Releases | Curate Playlists


Build Records

Have a great song and think it could be a great record? With a team of songwriters, producers, and engineers, we create magic with artists to build records that can scale. 

Music App

Distribute Music

Our hands-on approach to music distribution allows us to work with a handful of artists to take their music to the next-level. 


From music videos, to content that complements your releases, we do it all! If you have an interesting idea, come join us to make it a reality.

Market Releases

Image by Clay Banks

Curate Playlists

We love listening to new music and supporting new artists. Send us new music, and get featured on our thematic playlists.

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